Eco Horticulture: Little Paradise Without Chemicals

By eco-friendly approach, you help the garden to take care of itself, and thus you also facilitate both your care and your life. Plants will be strong if you take care of the health of the soil with natural nutrients of organic origin, with the help of microorganisms from the soil. Plants need a proper diet, and what they need most is the vitamins of the B group, because in this way powerful plants are better and stronger fighting against a variety of pests and infections. Keep the remains of plants in your garden – such as twigs or leaves. It can serve as a shelter for bugs, and sometimes it also offers real shelter for snails.

What organic techniques does gardener use?

Garden-NetPut the barriers on time. Why? Seasonal changes can disrupt the entire schedule, and pests and various diseases can occur on your plants and earlier than you expect. If you just set up barriers early, you can save your garden from a variety of damage. Barriers may be either a net, a goblet or a thick net that will prevent pests from leaving eggs on plants.

Repeat treatment

Organic sprays are toxic and quickly degrade. For this reason, you need to use them more often than you would use sprays with organic chemicals because even though their action is very healthy and on a natural basis, they are broken very quickly after application. Control the intruders. A quick reaction in your garden will make it easier to destroy the many pests that will appear on your plants. If you regularly inspect your garden and plants, you will not have problems, and you will avoid great damage that could be caused by the pests.

Watering plants

Watering-plantsDo not squander water and make a small pool or barrel to reach the water source naturally, maximizing the use of groundwater and rainwater. As the water evaporates rapidly during the warmer months, water your gardens late in the evening, when the soil will cool down or very early in the morning before the soil is warmed up.