Community Partners

Community Garden

We are happy to announce that we are a part of the Garden community where we do our part in educating children and people about the world and nature today, not only through the workshops. We are also part of various programs that are dedicated to preserving the endangered plants. Our partners at have educational programs for all generations. This garden is a place of education, and all over the world horticulturists. It is in a historic house where Lloyd Christopher lived and worked, and this beautiful place is always open for visitors.

We have also partnered with a great local Recovery Center in Colorado that helps support some of our community programs. Learn more about them at

We also have to mention with their dooring school, after school and family food farms programs that are spectacular. They had gardens in numerous elementary and middle schools. But our newest community garden partner is a magazine with most prestige photographs and articles about amazing inspiring and unique gardens all over the world. The amazing work they do is so special to all of us. We know our community will grow even bigger over time and we are happy that there are so many professionals and enthusiasts in this branch that are happy to educate the children and help adults, through partnerships with us.